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TelemetryJet is a powerful platform for organizing and analyzing data from hardware systems. TelemetryJet provides a set of tools for data collection, analysis, and sharing, allowing your team to focus on utilizing your data to reach your objectives.
  • Combine multiple sources into a consistent, always-available database.
  • Build live web-based dashboards and visualizations, accessible from anywhere.
  • Collaborate and share, directly from your data.
Students, researchers, and engineering teams use TelemetryJet to analyze data as it streams in from hardware systems, and to build a central long-term knowledge base from their data. TelemetryJet empowers users to quickly answer questions about their data and make informed decisions.


The TelemetryJet platform contains a number of modular systems. These tools can be used together, creating a powerful stack for data collection, analysis, and sharing. The tools can also be used independently from each other. Get started by jumping into any of the documentation sections:
  • TelemetryJet Server - A powerful web-based platform for organizing and analyzing your hardware data.
  • TelemetryJet CLI - Monitor and control embedded hardware from your terminal, and stream live telemetry to the TelemetryJet Server.
  • TelemetryJet Arduino SDK - A lightweight library for communicating with microcontrollers using MessagePack. Designed for connecting small projects to TelemetryJet.
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