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Arduino SDK


The TelemetryJet Arduino SDK a lightweight, flexible library for communicating with microcontrollers. The Arduino SDK is a wrapper around MessagePack that allows you to send and receive data points using a high-level API.


Bidirectional Communication

The SDK encodes and decodes data with MessagePack over a serial connection, providing a robust telemetry link that requires minimal setup. Easily send or receive data and configure transmission rate, error checking, and other serial communication settings.

Pub/sub messaging & caching

Filter incoming data points, so your microcontroller only stores values you’ve selected. Data you’ve subscribed to caches locally on your device.

Easy integration with any software

The SDK sends pure MessagePack structures. You can easily parse messages in any program using MessagePack’s language bindings, or use the TelemetryJet CLI to stream data into other data sources without code.

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