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TelemetryJet CLI


The TelemetryJet CLI, jet, is a command-line tool for defining, monitoring, and controlling embedded telemetry systems.

Use Jet to stream data between a number of data sources, including serial devices, files, and the TelemetryJet server. Jet uses declarative configuration: You specify your data sources in JSON configuration files, and Jet handles the details of streaming data between the sources.

Use Cases

Jet is an extremely versatile tool. Here are some examples of how you can use it:

Stream data to a CSV file: Use Jet to stream hardware telemetry data straight into a CSV file, without any programming required.

Stream data to a TelemetryJet Server: Stream data to a TelemetryJet Server, and build live dashboards and visualizations that are viewable from anywhere.

Network multiple microcontrollers: Use a Raspberry Pi as a central telemetry hub, building a network of microcontrollers which can communicate with each other bidirectionally.

Monitor existing embedded platforms: Subscribe to data from ROS or other standard platforms and stream into a TelemetryJet Server.

Set up declarative configuration for embedded devices: Define throttle curves, PID control terms, or other parameters centrally, and distribute new values without requiring code changes.

Getting Started

To get started, learn how to Install the TelemetryJet CLI.

Once Jet is installed, learn more about Usage of the CLI.

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