TelemetryJet is in early beta. Need help getting started, or found a bug? Open an Issue on our GitHub repository.

Data Source Types

Jet can interface with many data source types, including files, serial devices, and software protocols.

Each data source may produce and/or consume data points. “Inputs” produce data, “Outputs” consume data, and “Bidirectional” data sources do both. Click each type for more information and usage details.

consoleOutputWrite data to the console output.
key-value-fileOutputWrite data into a text file in Key-Value (key=value) format.
key-value-serialBidirectionalRead and write data as Key-Value lines over a serial stream.

This list will expand over time. We’re currently working on core data source types, including CSV files and streams.

Need a data source type that is not listed? Open an Issue on the CLI Github suggesting it should be officially supported.

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