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Joystick Input


joystick-input reads values from a USB joystick. The data source will connect to the first USB joystick it finds plugged into your system.

Multiple joysticks are currently unsuported. If you have multiple joysticks connected, Jet may choose either joystick depending on which the system enumerates first.




The joystick input data source will output dimensions for all axes and buttons on the joystick. Axes are controls with a continuous interval. Buttons are an on/off signal. For example, a joystick with 4 axes and 2 buttons would output the following dimensions:

  • axis_0
  • axis_1
  • axis_2
  • axis_3
  • button_0
  • button_1

Example Definition

  "id": "joystick-input-example",
  "type": "joystick-input"
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