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NMEA-0183 File Input


nmea-0183-file-input reads a text log file containing NMEA 0183 stream data. Data points will be written as fast as the file can be read. Each data point will have a timestamp from the GPS time recorded in the file.


  • filename (Required): A string path to a file. If this is a relative path, it will be evaluated according to the directory Jet is run from.


The NMEA 0183 parser will output data points for the following dimensions:

  • almanac.averageSNR
  • almanac.minSNR
  • almanac.maxSNR
  • status
  • type
  • quality
  • dilution
  • horizontalDilution
  • verticalDilution
  • altitude
  • latitude
  • longitude
  • speed
  • travelAngle
  • trackingSatellites
  • visibleSatellites
  • locked
  • horizontalAccuracy
  • verticalAccuracy
  • hasEstimate

Example Definition

  "id": "nmea-0183-file-input-example",
  "type": "nmea-0183-file-input",
  "option": {
    "filename": "NMEA_0183_log.txt"
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